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The classification and use of shade nets-Written by Deli shade net factory

Time:2018-03-01 Views:439

Shade nets are also called shade mesh, sunshade net, 

is a net made of Plastic wire drawing by knitting. 

The raw materials are usually hdpe, PE, PB, PVC, recycled material,

polypropylene and so on. 

It is usually used to cover crops, 

When you use it in summer, it has the effect of blocking light,

blocking rain, moisturizing and cooling,

and when you use it in Winter and Spring,

it also has a certain heat preservation and humidification.

 The classification of shade net

Monofilament shade net

Both the Longitude and latitude are Monofilament

Flat wire shade net

Both the Longitude and latitude Flat wire 

Monofilament flat wire shade net

One of Longitude and latitude is Monofilament,

the other one is flat wire.

Deli sunshade net Factory professionally produce shade nets shade sails 

and shading products for more than 48 years,

We only use hdpe as the raw material

if you are purchasing shade nets, 

welcome to Deli!

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