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Customer Testimonials

The Production Capacity of DELI Reassured Us

Time:2017-03-15 Views:394

        I’m a Russian businessman, I have been doing business with DELI online for over three years,and this year I decided to visit DELI Factory with my business partner, because we are going to place a large order, we need to make sure that the supplier can deliver the goods on time.

        As their company profile said, they have 2 factories, The Older factory looks has bigger area and more machines, The New one has better location and production environment, the two factories are not far apart and there is a separate office building in each factory.

        In addition, Their machines look much more advanced than others ,and the salesman tells us that The daily production capacity is 15 metric tons, In terms of production scale,Deli is the biggest one in China.

        After one day’s visiting, We no longer have any doubts about their productivity and We decided to take DELI as our fixed long-term supplier.

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