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Good News! Beautiful Red new shade sail for sale!

Time:2018-03-13 Views:349

Look!!! Why is the workshop full of red colors?

Is the holiday coming? 

No! No!No! DELI shade sail factory‘s New Design Red shade sail are coming soon.

Now Every employee in the workshop is preparing for the new products.

Let‘s have a look at the details of the product!

Breathable HDPE material, UV treated, and with Silver triangle metal buckle.

We also have Silver D metal buckle, which is also very popular.

Each side is sewn by our experienced staff, who treat every shade sails are very seriously.

More important!!! The red is so beautiful that it draws me deeply.

Because there is metallic luster under the light!!!

Following is the new product displayed outdoors. The Red enriches the sky. 

If you install it in the yard, garden or any outdoor areas,

it is always the most fun place.

Both two sample are basic shape of the new shade sail. 

Of course, we support customized. 

And if you need more details about this new product or others, 

please contact us.

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